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Full-sized Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 NG simulators are designed for entertainment purposes only with the cockpits fully resembling the real thing. The software allows flying in full accordance with a pilot’s reality including some contingencies. Both simulators are produced on the same motion base and differ only according to the cockpit type and related software package.

TFT.aero has been manufacturing turnkey entertainment aircraft simulator systems since 2009. We create highly realistic replica of Boeing 737-NG and Airbus A320 cockpits with authentic interiors on the motion platforms. We do care about the daily operations of the simulator and provide a full service and support both during the warranty period and after.

The simulator is developed with reliability, fault tolerance and ease of repair in mind. This is achieved by the plug-n- play approach and straight-forward IT infrastructure. The vast majority of the cockpit components can be easily replaced in the rare case of failure.

flight simulator on 6 DOF motion platform

How it works

TFT flight simulators


Though designed for entertainment purposes, the flight simulators are pro-level quality product and precisely replicate details of the real plane.

TFT flight simulators

Full Motion
or fixed base

Full motion or fixed base solutions can be chosen depending on the available area and budget. Keep in mind that a full motion simulator dramatically increases the customers’ impressions.

TFT flight simulators


Simulators are intended to host four persons: an instructor as a first officer, a guest in the captain’s seat and two observers. 20, 30 or 60 mins are the recommended times per session.

TFT flight simulators


All simulator`s systems correspond to the ones of the real aircraft. Therefore, the well-being of the flight depends on the quests efforts and instructor’s patience.

typical flights

The maximum acceptance rate could be achieved by implementing the following slots.

20 min

20 minutes

20 minutes is enough for three quests to obtain flight experience by making a circle around a selected airport including take-off, 4 turns, horizontal flight, descent and landing.

30 min

30 minutes

A 30 minute session allows you to choose a scenic flight around or short flight between the nearest airfields. The flight plan remains the same. The visitors can test different control options: visual and autopilot approach.

60 min

1 hour

During an hour flight, you can settle on the option mentioned above or take a flight between any 2 airports, experience all phases of flight including EN-route flight and share flight control with each other.

Regardless of flight duration, guests can choose one of the numerous airports, level of difficulty, various weather conditions. The experienced visitor could be allowed to have control without instructor`s supervision.


In case of commercial use, the promotion of flight simulators requires nearly zero marketing investment. As an attraction facility, it generates media and social networks activity. Based on internal statistics, it`s expected:

  • more than 1 million likes & shares for the first 2 years
  • customers return up to 70%
  • brand promotion through word of mouth

Full motion simulator

  • w10 x l10 x h6.5m for the simulator
  • w2.5 x l2.5 x 2m for the server room
  • floor max load: 250 kg/m2
  • the floor must allow 30 cm depth anchoring
  • the server room must be isolated and located within 8 m off the simulator

380v/50hz, 25kw

  • Enterance doors: at least w3.2 x h2.8m
  • Special elevating equipment
  • Installation time 10-14 working days
  • Some extra space for installation & assembling required
  • the server room must be equipped with the a/c system capable of keeping 19-21c
  • ambient temperature: 15-35c
  • relative humidity: < 80% but below dew point
  • dustingess: < 0.75mg/m3

The server room must be equipped with the automatic gas fire-extinguishing system

The price of €485,000 EXW (excl. shipping and installation on site).

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Fixed base simulator

  • 6 x 4 x 3.5m for the simulator
  • Floor max load: 30kg/m2
  • Server equipment placed inside the room

220V/50Hz, 5kW

  • Enterance doors: at least w 3.2 x h 2.8m
  • Special elevating equipment
  • Installation time 7-10 working days
  • Ambient temperature: 15-35c
  • Relative humidity: < 80% but below dew point
  • Density: < 0.75mg/m3

The room must be equipped with the automatic gas fire-extinguishing

The price of €154,000 EXW (exclude shipping and setup).

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